Go to the forest

A short story by Iva J. Gration from Daily Nature

I spent the morning yesterday in a rainy forest together with the dogs. It turned out to be such a healing experience. 


I let the rain wash over me, as I sat under a pine tree.


I sat - and I cried.


Later I walked - and I cried.


Until I arrived at this big, beautiful old tree.


One of its branches hung horizontally, just above my head as though it was an arm extended to whomever needed it. 


I needed it so very much in that moment. 


I faced the tree, placing the palms of my hands on it as I started to explore the tree's contours with my fingertips. The raindrops trickled down along the trunk. I felt the moss, the rippled bark, the cracks and the softer places, all with the tips of my fingers. 


I found myself uttering the words - "you are so beautiful"- to this tree. Followed by  -"I am so sorry" - to which I now felt my tears coming down as fast as the rain falling from the sky. 


I rested my forehead against the tree in surrender, my hands gently leaning into its strong, reassuring appearance.


The rain, the moss and the tree in this forest, reminded me of nature's beauty and in that moment I felt I was a part of it. 


I was also forgiven, for having forgotten, that the forest is always home...

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Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better... - Albert Einstein




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