I'm going to live in nature! (Part one)


Last night my man and I were watching an episode of the latest season of Chef's Table on chef Sean Brock. As is often the case when I watch this program, I feel inspired and moved by the story of how these chefs became the person they are today. Their vision and dedication is incredible. But what moved me was something else. It was the deep connection this chef had to his produce, the heritage of the land he grew up in, the seeds and crops that he brought back into his kitchen. The story between him and nature (his produce) was so powerful. Ofcourse the way it's filmed helps a lot. David Gelb, the creator of the program, truly gets how to tell a story and the camerawork makes you feel like you are right there with them. Touching the soil, smelling the oils and aroma's of nature's finest produce. Yes. 


But for me personally I get emotional when I see people so connected to our earth. To nature. The emotion I feel is, I suppose, a blend of gratitude and melancholy at the same time. When I see people who pass on ancient knowledge and techniques of working with nature. When I see how they respect each and every part of the plant or the animal that they consume. I find that so beautiful! So touching! So blissful! But I also feel confronted by how much of this is lost in our daily modern lives, and how I want to do more to bring us people back to that sense of connection with nature...


It's that same emotion I get when I guide my group walks or courses in nature and I see the calming, soothing effect such an experience has on the group. Or when I coach a client in the great outdoors and see them breathe again or finding clarity on something they felt stuck or confused about. I also get this emotion when I see students in my yoga classes tap into a deeper layer of just being. A deeper understanding of self acceptance and calm, especially when faced with injuries, illness or burnout. I feel a sort of melancholy when they come in the room and have lost this notion of compassion towards themselves (and the world), and I feel a deep sense of gratitude when I see they tapped into it, however small that might be. 


This is one of the great contradictions of life right? We feel hope or gratitude when we have a dream or a vision to hold onto. Or when we believe we can heal from a disease. Yet at the same time, we must practice being in the moment and letting go of expectations in order to experience life, just as it is, with a sense of equanimity. This is no easy task, I know. 


Another aspect of this program (chefs Table) that often makes me emotional is the REAL struggle or tipping point they are faced with before they manifest their true selves. My man and I were talking about this and it really is a common thread. They all seem to reach a point of desperation, of struggle, of a life threatening disease, of loss, of overload. You name it. And they are forced to strip down to the essence of what they want to manifest in life. What matters to them? How can they carry out their creativity and vision to work with nature ACCEPTING also their limits and listening to their bodies? 


Now that right there is where I feel so connected to them. Because I can relate. Because I have had a vision since I was a little girl that I need to be with nature, in nature and somehow find a way to build a life and my work around that vision. And I succeeded at that. I am living that life. And little by little it's developing into a way of life and work that is so very much in line with my being. And it feels so wonderful! But it didn't happen overnight. It took me a long time to have the courage to go down this path. I had always known it should be with nature, but I needed a lot of courage to ACTUALLY manifest it.


And you know the 'funny' thing? The real push in the back came from losing my mother and being diagnosed with MS as a young woman. This was my version of the tipping point, of the struggle, of loss. And just like these amazing chefs, it actually HELPED me manifest who I am today. It still helps me to this day and every day forward to constantly live the truest version of myself I possibly can. To come back to nature over and over and over again. To practice selfcare (which for me comes down to going to nature, managing my stress levels and eating a healthy organic diet) and compassion and acceptance. When I am able to do this, I know I am ok. Not healed, not without challenge, not wealthy, but OK. And OK is great! I am a big fan of the OK. When we can be OK with the OK, we immediately feel this weight falling off our shoulders. 


And because of my work as a nature coach, as a yoga teacher and thanks to my lifestyle, I know the next logical step is going to be to move even further away and closer to nature than I do now. I already have nature around me lots and lots and nearby enough, but I know I'm going to live in nature. It was always written in the stars and in my heart. And I trust the right moment will present itself, when my man and I are both ready to take that step together.


This is why learning to listen to your body, learning to be comfortable with silence is so powerful. Because, then we can connect to the whispers of our soul. This is, I suppose one of the signatures of my work with clients and students. To guide you to that inward place where you can listen. You know I am so happy to guide you through your process of reconnecting to yourself or to guide you to just being OK with what is. You can contact me for private sessions, or you can join my upcoming group walk. You can also come to one of my yoga classes or sign up for the course on how to become a nature coach yourself. 


So I'm going to end this post, by giving voice to my internal whisper and putting it on the page: 'I am going to live in nature'! That is part one. The picture of me standing on the balcony overlooking the mountains in my mothers country, France, is one of my favourite reminders of how wonderful that feels, because it really felt amazing.  And part two? That will come, but not now. Now I am here and here is OK!  


I hope to see you soon in one of the above ways and I wish you a beautiful, OK day <3 









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    Saskia (donderdag, 21 maart 2019 18:34)

    Iva, dankjewel voor het delen vakje persoonlijke reis. Prachtig en inspirerend ❤️

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    Iva (zaterdag, 23 maart 2019 18:13)

    Dankjewel Saskia! <3

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