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Breakfast &  Brunch

Nothing impacts your the start of your day as much as a good, wholesome breakfast. Read on for inspiration to make sure you give yourself an excellent start of the day! Disclosure: the occasional prepping the night before will be required :-)


Lunch & Dinner

Read on for some inspiration on easy to prepare, fresh home cooked lunches that boost your health & tickle your taste buds...

Did I mention how passionate I am about organic, local produce??



Appetizer & Dessert

This section doesn't need much introduction, because, well, appetizers & desserts have a very right of their own. Suffice it to say, this is the stuff that will bring you comfort on sad days and are a joy to share with friends & family. Ah yes, and they're gluten & lactose free...


Author's  Note

Having spent most of my childhood summers at my grandparents' estate in the South of France, I have been tremendously blessed and spoiled with tasting an amazing cuisine. Mainly by observing my eccentric and passionate grandmother work her magic  with amazing produce. The smells and flavours coming out of her kitchen magnetised me as a child and set the stage for a lifetime of love for honest, home cooked and seasonal food. Being a 'grown up' myself, it is only now that I  truly value the importance of her wisdom. She taught me by example, unaware that she was teaching me - and me in turn being unaware that I was learning. She brought me along on her daily grocery trips to the local village, where we would visit all the local retailers, carefully handpicking only the best produce. Our usual round would be the butcher followed by the poissonnerie, the epicerie and finishing at the patisserie. 


It is at this early stage of my childhood when  I realised that food has a story. It has an entire journey before it reaches our plate and enters our body. Even though I now live on the outskirts of Amsterdam, I take great pleasure in continuing to implement my grandmothers' teachings as much as possible in my daily life. Meaning, I home grow where I can. I buy 80% seasonal, organic and local vegetables and fruit. I get my meat, eggs and goats cheese directly from local farms and I cook as much as I can with as little waste as possible.  I am constantly learning more and more about food, health and sustainability.  Last but not least, having to live with an auto-immune disease I have come to experience first hand the AMAZING healing benefits of this  lifestyle  and I hope you find inspiration in my recipes and my blog


Health,joy and bon appetit to you!

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better... - Albert Einstein




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