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januari 01, 2018
A kind and dreamy new year to you dear reader! The new year has only just begun, yet you might already find yourself feeling tired and discouraged (or even slightly panicky) by all the goals, targets and projects you're supposed to set out for yourself. And that's not a great feeling to start your 2018 with, am I right? Personally, I've never cared much for the habit of setting high goals or targets just for the sake of it. It appears a bit random to me to expect so much from a year without...
januari 22, 2017
Sometimes you can't change the fact that life gets scary. Lets say you're facing some major health issues, or you've just received some really bad news, or you're just seriously struggling in another area of your life. It happens to all of us and I want you to know you're not alone in this. In fact, I want you to know that your fear contains a very powerful message and that it's very possible to work together WITH your fear instead of fighting it, which lets be frank, is usually our first...

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