Your dreams are safe with me

A kind and dreamy new year to you dear reader!


The new year has only just begun, yet you might already find yourself feeling tired and discouraged (or even slightly panicky) by all the goals, targets and projects you're supposed to set out for yourself. And that's not a great feeling to start your 2018 with, am I right?


Personally, I've never cared much for the habit of setting high goals or targets just for the sake of it. It appears a bit random to me to expect so much from a year without truly researching, or soul searching rather, the true longing that lays behind it. It seems to have become normal for so many people to set goals for a higher income, more clients and targets that I feel many of us have forgotten the importance of knowing ourselves and what drives us. Of knowing our dreams, that is. And of being kind in the process of self discovery.


Why kind though, you may wonder? The truth is you, me, we, everybody need more kindness in our lives. Kindness to the self in the first place and kindness to those around us and the earth we walk on consequently. Our planet and our lives are in serious need of more kindness, in my opinion. Kindness is needed to counteract the immense expectations our poor, gentle soul is being faced with day after day, after day.  For some of you, the expectations have run so high that you may have even lost contact with your intuitive self. The self that KNOWS, FEELS and EXPERIENCES on profound levels. That self is not dependent on achievements or external validation to feel worthy of life. 


That's what it  all seems to boil down to, wouldn't you agree? To feel worthy of life, worthy of living and  worthy of love. And to have the privilege of truly, deeply knowing yourself. I feel Carl Jung said it perfectly right when he wrote: "The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are."


The image and title I chose for this blog is no coincidence. Before sitting down to write today, different titles ran through my mind. But they didn't quite seem to convey my message. And as I wondered past my little writing desk upstairs in our bedroom, I found myself staring at the printed art drawing hanging right above it (see image above). It has become my favourite drawing in the entire world, and was given to me by my dear friend when I officially launched Daily Nature exactly a year ago (thank you my dearest). 


The title of the artwork is; Your dreams are safe with me (by Soosh) and I just instantly felt a big YES from within. Whilst staring at it, I felt a moment of grace. A sensation of pure joy and gratitude for the past year since I received this remarkable piece of art. What a beautiful journey I've been on together with some of you during the one on one nature coaching sessions, group walks or yoga classes. The drawing symbolises the protective love of mother nature to her children. Which includes you dear reader! 


There is no doubt about it. I am mad about spending time in nature and inspiring people to be their authentic selves and that passion is reflected in my work as a nature coach. Nature provides such a beautiful space to explore ourselves, to feel connected and to feel safe. In nature we are safe to dream and search and find our creative most joyful selves. She shows us a kinder, calmer and more balanced way of living. 


So that is why my new years wish to you is one of kindness and dreams. Doesn't that just sound delightful to you?


Why dreamy though, you may wonder? Well, what is life without the magic push, pull and challenges of our deepest dreams, right? 


Now, perhaps in your case it's been a while since you thought of, let alone, felt your deepest dreams. I hear you. I understand that that requires TIME and a certain amount of SILENCE. Those are two assets you can quickly run out of in the hustle and bustle of daily life. It happens to us all my dear. DO NOT PUNISH YOURSELF FOR IT. Remember the KINDNESS I also wished upon you? That compassion is what you need to move forward from a place of love. 


So, just for a moment here. Pause. Exhale. Forgive yourself for being so busy. Forgive yourself for not taking the time to listen to yourself and your dreams. Forgive yourself for being caught up by daily chores. It is OK. Because the good news is, you can still CHOOSE otherwise. You can choose from a place of kindness to make time this year for your self discovery and dreams. So if you feel that a self discovery journey this year in nature is exactly what you need, but you are unsure how to motivate yourself to do it or just don't know how to start, then I've got some pretty exciting news for you. 


These past months I have worked my muddy bum and boots off to design a solid and beautiful 4 week course starting May 18th, exactly for you!


And this is not some digital online course. Nope. This is an actual face to face, intensive group course, with me as your (nature coach & yoga teacher) trainer. The course takes place in the beautiful nature reserve 'Het Twiske' outside of Amsterdam and the Yoga Studio van Hout. The course will be given in Dutch and or English, depending on the group. Make sure you read all about it here below (Dutch and English version)


☯ 4 weekse Cursus: Van Buiten naar Binnen. Klik hier

☯ 4 week course: From the Outside In. Click here


If you'd rather meet me in person before signing up then you can of course join one of my upcoming mindfulness group walks here


And don't for a second think that investing in your self discovery is an indulgence or unproductive 'goal'. Screw that. You know that the world needs more kindness and dreams. Nature and this course will help you journey inwards, which is the biggest gift there is...


Let me know in the comments section what your dreams for the coming year look like. What draws you most to them? What challenges frighten you? I'm always happy to connect!


And if you feel like you could use more guidance in finding the contact with your deeper self, you are welcome to join one of my mindfulness walks in nature or book a private nature coaching session with me by visiting my website


With Love, Kindness and Dreams,


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