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You are what you eat. We've all heard that before haven't we? But you are what you grow? Now there's a dimension I find mighty interesting! Truly growing into ourselves. It sounds so powerful and meaningful and beautiful doesn't it? Because that's what leads to true connection to people and the world around us. Which is something - at least in theory - we all strive for. But in reality it turns out to be a big struggle to be your authentic self, let alone show your true nature to others. So why is that do you think? And how can you learn to become better at it? 


I guess that deep down, we all have this longing to rid ourselves of the pain, the shame and the masks and just be ourselves.

I know I do. And I know all the people around me do. When working with clients in my nature coaching practice I have noticed that no matter what their initial reason is for reaching out to me, after a few sessions they always seem to come back to this one essential question:

 "How can I be my natural self? "


It is in fact what I based Daily Nature on. My core message being: "Daily Nature connects you to nature and your natural self". So let's see if I can live up to that mission by sharing with you some of my experiences and by offering you, dear reader, certain ideas and tools that can help you break down those layers and find courage in being as close to your natural self as possible.

And I deliberately write 'as possible' because being our natural selves not only depends on these practices and tools, but sometimes can be severely blocked by societal, political or environmental circumstances that sadly are not in our hands (fighting for your life in a war for example). 


But, today let's focus on you and how you CAN gain so much freedom from the chains that keep you in hiding from your natural self! Are yo ready? Ok, here is my simple secret....You are nature. Yup, that is right. You, my beautiful, miraculous, unique human being, are nature. Voila. It's as simple as that. And so the question refines itself from being;


 "How can I be my natural self? " => to "How can I remember my natural self?"


 Ok, so now we're getting closer. Because once we understand that it's our conditioning (through upbringing, society, past experiences etc.), that lead us further and further away from our basic human nature, then we have in a way a buoy to hold onto. A path ahead of us that requires us to do the opposite of conditioning. And that is the undoing, the unbecoming, the remembering, the simply being.


As a nature coach I encourage a holistic approach to this unbecoming, undoing and remembering. Because by fully understanding  that we are nature,  it becomes easier to treat ourselves naturally. Like avoiding toxic foods, thoughts and practices. Understanding that we are nature increases our self knowledge. This makes it easy to stay focussed and connected, and less inclined to want become someone or something else. Because, why should you anyway? We all have a different rhythm and a combination of qualities that manifest in their own way and in their own time.  However, this doesn't mean you shouldn't grow or evolve.  If you nurture yourself in a healthy and sustainable way then you will automatically become the best version of yourself.


This is what makes spending a lot of time in nature so, so powerful. I cannot emphasise this enough. Because by simply observing this universal intelligence of mother nature, we are reminded of who we truly are.


So I invite you dearest, as often as you possibly can to remind yourself that you are nature. For instance by taking off your suit, your masks, your shoes and to walk (barefoot) in nature. Or to bathe under the trees in a forest for an hour. To detox yourself regularly from social media, emails, phones, to do lists and toxic foods and instead meditate or practice yoga. And then watch and observe what happens to you. What do you feel when you are just being


This regular practice of remembering your true nature and unbecoming all that you are not is what will ultimately lead you to live an authentic life. Not a 100% perfect, easy and bubbly life. But an authentic life. And even though this takes continuous courage and practice, I wouldn't trade it for the world. No thank you ma'am. The wonderful bonus is that this practice will also give you the self knowledge to understand what habits and choices are blocking your natural growth and that you are worthy of life. 


Inevitably by remembering that you are nature, you will grow new habits and ways to take care of yourself that will bring you closer and closer to your authentic self, your natural self. 


I'm hoping this blog will give you some courage to create space and time in your life for the undoing, the unbecoming, the remembering and the simply being. I know for a fact that one of the best places to practice this is in Nature. Which is why I coach my clients in nature and offer the courses and walks in nature. In my experience there is so much sense in this;


"More time in nature equals being reminded of our natural selves..."


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 With Natural Love,

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